Artificial mechanosensory lateral lines: from sensing principles to sensing applications

Ben Wolf (Speaker)

Activity: Talk and presentationAcademic event Academic


In this talk, we review biophysical research on the fish lateral line organ, and the resulting fluid-structure-interaction models. These models are used and extended to model and create an artificial lateral line. The bio-inspired model allows tuning the frequency response curve, which is validated with experiments.
There are several applications for artificial lateral lines, which include fluid flow perception, object localisation, and object identification; these are all demonstrated here. Concluding, the fish lateral line inspires; artificial lateral lines can be upscaled and be useful; and neural networks can be used to solve hydrodynamic tasks.
Event titleWASday 2019: Meeting Werkgemeenschap Auditief Systeem
Event typeSeminar
Degree of RecognitionNational