Botany 2023

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Co-organiser of workshop: Standing your ground: Understanding plant defense from molecules to morphology

Plants are intricately connected with their natural biotic world, continuously interacting with pollinators, above and below ground herbivores, as well as various pathogens. These interactions are mediated through the language of chemistry, however, plants have also evolved various physiological and developmental mechanisms for these purposes. These include specialized morphologies such as thorns, trichomes and laticifers, physiology-altering hormonal signaling cascades and phenological patterns of growth and flowering. Understanding the links between physiology, development, genetics and chemistry offers points of intervention to utilize and engineer plant defensive mechanisms. This symposium will highlight how plants stand their ground against an assemblage of aggressors as they encounter new environments through dispersal and/or climate change. This integrative topic is timely given that climate change is also projected to increase the frequency of plant diseases along with other stressors, and that new strategies to strengthen our plants’ defenses worldwide are urgently needed.

Our symposium will highlight senior as well as early career faculty. The selected speakers represent a diverse range of viewpoints and expertise, and will span the range from molecular and genetic to ecological and evolutionary aspects of plant-herbivore and plant-microbe interactions. This diffusion of expertise and ideas across plant biology is in the theme of One World - where a shared passion for understanding biological phenomena trumps and builds upon the diversity of viewpoints.
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  • plant defense
  • terpenoids