De Onkruidenier: presentation at Kunsthuis Syb

    Activity: Talk and presentationProfessional or public presentationProfessional


    Final presentation: Saturday January 16, 4pm
    Language: Dutch
    Conversation via YouTube livestream

    On Saturday, January 16, at 4:00 p.m., de Onkruidenier will engage in conversation with Anna-Rosja Haveman (SYB Circles) about their stay at SYB and their experiences.

    Collective De Onkruidenier ( investigates historical, cultural and potential transformations of nature and its possibilities to evolve mankind. De Onkruidenier is interested in the interactions between humans and their environment. How does our environment influence us, and vice versa?

    During their residency in SYB, de Onkruidenier will be researching the presence of halotolerant life around Beetsterzwaag. Halotolerant life is life that has the ability to adapt to the presence of salt in the environment. De Onkruidenier has conducted research of halotolerant life at various locations in the Netherlands – adding the research in Friesland allows them to construct a brighter picture of the history of the sea in the Dutch landscape.
    Held atKunsthuis SYB, SYB Circles, Netherlands