Localizing Global Security: Technologies, Protocols, Infrastructure

  • Jana Hönke (Invited speaker)

    Activity: Talk and presentationAcademic presentationAcademic


    The Global Making of Policing. Rethinking 'the Global' and Where it is Made This talk will critically engage conventional perspectives according to which global policing is something good and benevolent that diffuses from a ‘Western’ centre to the rest of the globe. It will show that this, first, omits the violent experimenting with security technologies in the (post)colony under the auspices of imperial and liberal global governance. But second, it also fails to account for the pluralities of ideas and experiences of ‘the global’ and the agency of subaltern actors in co-constituting, circulating and changing security institutions and practices across localities. The argument is developed drawing from case studies on US urban policing, Gaza as laboratory, the heterogeneous policing of transnational business hubs in Central Africa, and South-South policing encounters from Colombia to West Africa, Brazil and Haiti.
    Event titleLocalizing Global Security: Technologies, Protocols, Infrastructure
    Event typeConference