Polarize or Change

  • Koudenburg, N. (Organiser)
  • Carla Roos (Organiser)
  • Yoshihisa Kashima (Contributor)
  • Laura G. E. Smith (Contributor)
  • Ana-Maria Bliuc (Contributor)

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Polarization and social change are often studied either at the societal macro-level or at the micro-level of individual psychology. This symposium aims to bridge these perspectives by zooming into the meso-level of online group and network dynamics, to show how communication between individuals and the formation of opinion-based groups instigate polarization and societal change. In five presentations we explain how macro-level phenomena (e.g., race riots, polarization) and our perceptions and thereof can influence our group dynamics and communications with others, but also how these meso-level dynamics can build up and aggregate to effect societal change. A specific focus is on online communications because of their unique ability to foster societal change and polarization.

Yoshihisa Kashima, Invited speaker
University of Melbourne

Ana-Maria Bliuc, Invited speaker
Univ Dundee, University of Dundee

Laura G. E. Smith, Invited speaker
Univ Bath, University of Bath, Social Psychol

Event typeWorkshop
Degree of RecognitionInternational