TechTalks050: beneath the southern ring road

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    Evening about the southern ring road that cuts partially through the Hondsrug – an old and complex landscape from a geological point of view. With Erik Meijles (University of Groningen) and Jeroen Reessink (Southern Ring Road project).

    Part of the southern ring road around Groningen will be constructed below surface level. This section cuts right through the Hondsrug, a sand ridge that was formed during the Penultimate Ice Age, making it an old and complex landscape from a geological point of view. Various types of soil, from boulders to sandbanks and clay deposits, can be found here. But most are not visible on the surface. Which IT and other technologies do researchers use to map this substrate and what do they learn?

    Erik Meijles is a researcher at the Faculty of Spatial Sciences of the University of Groningen and is an expert on the shallow subsurface. He explains and shows the options offered by geological information technology. Where can you find this and how does this information provide insight into the origins and complex formation of the soil? But is this information detailed enough when you start digging in the Hondsrug for a major project, such as the southern ring road?

    In his role as cluster manager for the southern ring road project, Jeroen Reessink is closely involved in the construction of the sunken ring road. He talks about the technologies that are used for the safe and controlled realization of this 1.2 km long construction that cuts straight through the city and the Hondsrug. When you dig into the soil, you go back in time... A journey that starts with the glacial deposits from the Ice Age and through Bommen Berend all the way to the present day: large-scale construction activity and the continuous monitoring of soil and the environment. Paving the way to a safe sunken ring road and a safe and healthy living environment.
    Event titleTechTalks050: beneath the southern ring road
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