Two Fifteenth Century Sauces - what is in a recipe?

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This session focus on a practical experiment, in which we look more closely at the theme of cooking recipe vs. cooking practice, including contexts of production and dissemination. A selected recipe, most probably a stew from an early modern Dutch cookbook, will be shared among the attendees before the session. The recipe is selected for its “vagueness”, including ingredients listed as “green herbs”, roots, pulses and/or leafy greens. We will ask the attendees to cook the dish based on their interpretation of the recipe: as if they were the cook cooking from a cookbook. Our chef Ryan will cook the dish based on the information he is given by Merit who will be reading the recipe to him – in real time. This will be recorded and shared with the participants of the session. After watching, we will discuss the importance of recreating and interpreting recipes in relation to our personal background (being a chef, enthusiast or layperson) and the products we have at hand (depending on season, region and purchase power). We aim at gaining new insights into the scientific interpretation of culinary texts: learning by doing.
Held atUNIV GRAZ, University of Graz
Degree of RecognitionInternational


  • Culinary history
  • Experimental Archaeology
  • Food history
  • Recipe
  • Cooking
  • Experiments
  • Medieval History
  • Food preparation