Voices from psycho-educational practice in reaching the potentials of children and youngsters: the challenging gap between assessment, diagnosis and intervention.

Minnaert, A. (Keynote speaker)

Activity: Talk and presentationProfessional or public event Professional


In contemporary psycho-educational practice, psychological (intelligence) assessments remain widely employed. In this keynote lecture I will illustrate the often existing disconnection between the psychometric testing, the diagnosis evolving from that testing and the subsequent provision of educational guidance for children experiencing difficulties in learning.
In this lecture I will first report on some in vivo studies indicating that after the administration of the psychological (intelligence) assessment a gap between diagnosis and intervention appeared far too often. This will be elucidated with respect to the needs for children with specific learning disabilities and twice-exceptional children (i.e., gifted children with ASD or with specific learning disabilities).
Second, I will explore whether dynamic assessment procedures in psycho-educational practice might bridge the well-known gap between diagnosis and intervention. Due to a learning phase included in the testing procedure, qualitative information about the child’s learning needs can be revealed by means of dynamic assessment. The question is, however, what the consequential validity, i.e. the extent to which assessment influences instructional and learning processes, of dynamic assessment procedures really is. In order to design child-tailored interventions following dynamic assessment, there is a need for more explicitness of learning phases and types of feedback in the development of these instruments.
Finally, I will ground the plea for making use of a variety of assessments across cognitive, metacognitive and conative (motivation, emotion, social) domains in order to build up a strengths and weaknesses profile of a child. This profile should pave the way to bridge theory to practice, strengths to development, and weaknesses to targeted educational interventions.
Event titleJoint Conference of IACEP-Europe and IACEP-Middle East: Dynamic asssessment and cognitive intervention: Bridging the gap between theory and practice
Event typeConference
LocationPrague, Czech Republic
Degree of RecognitionInternational