What Is an AI-Generated Artwork?

  • Leonardo Arriagada (Invited speaker)

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    As an invited speaker at the Robotics and AI Research Conference 2023 (RoboAICon2023) in Rome, I am presenting a talk entitled "What is an AI-generated artwork?" to explore the intersection between artificial intelligence and art. The talk proposes a definition of an AI-generated artwork that comprises three essential elements: (1) an autonomous production of a novel and surprising idea or artefact by the AI, (2) the successful overcoming of an internal evaluation mechanism embedded in the AI, and (3) the potential for appreciation by a human audience. This definition aims to provide a transdisciplinary concept applicable to both art theory and AI research, taking into account their similarities and particularities.

    The presentation emphasises the importance of standardising terminology to overcome problems of knowledge transfer between the three main disciplines studying the relationship between AI and art: cognitive science, computer science, and art theory. The talk highlights the need for a clear and consistent framework to enhance understanding and communication across these fields. Ultimately, the proposed definition offers a starting point for developing a shared vocabulary to explore the creative possibilities of AI-generated artworks.
    Event titleRobotics & AI Research Conference
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    • AI-generated artwork
    • artificial intelligence
    • art
    • creativity
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