Where next for Digital Geographies? Pathways and prospects

  • Osborne, T. (Chair/vice-chair of organising committee)
  • Harrison Smith (Member of organising committee)
  • Daisy Curtis (Member of organising committee)
  • Godwin Yeboah (Member of organising committee)
  • Phil Jones (Member of organising committee)

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    The digital has fundamentally transformed our lifeworlds. Our lives are increasingly dependent on and lived through digital worlds, not only shaping the everyday, but also how we conduct research and teaching. Across the globe, geographical interest in the digital has been growing and attracting a diverse range of scholars, from cultural geographers to GI Scientists. In recent years digital geography has matured as an area of activity with the founding of dedicated journals and research groups. Despite the increasing interest in the digital, however, there remains a risk that digital geographies is both all-encompassing and, perhaps, lacking in specificity. As this area of work matures, therefore, it is timely to reflect on its future research pathways and prospects. 'Where next for Digital Geographies?' thus forms the theme for 2021’s fifth DGRG Annual Symposium.
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