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Individuals with anxiety, depression, substance use, mood disorders, or obesity often have an underlying condition of ADHD (attention deficit hyperactive disorder) and should be screened for ADHD symptoms. Conversely, ADHD patients and their providers should be on the lookout for the symptoms listed previously.

How do we know this? Thanks to the COCA Project (comorbidities of ADHD).

The COCA study is a consortium of 17 medical institutions in 8 European countries studying the comorbidities (co-occurring medical conditions) of ADHD, such as depression, anxiety, mood and substance use disorders, and obesity. In addition, the project is studying the effects of light therapy and exercise to see what if any effects these have on symptoms.

Join us as Drs Andreas Reif and Catharina Hartman describe what’s being studied, the methods, and what they have found to date. Results are being published shortly, and this project implies further interesting avenues of research.


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Media contributions