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Bones, DNA and chemistry Canan Cakirlar is an archaeologist who specializes in animal remains. She knows how to tell animal species apart, not by their hair colour, the shape of their tails, or the sounds they make – but by their bones, their DNA, and their chemistry. She’ll also know when they died, which environment they lived in, what they ate and whether they suffered from any diseases. Symbolic meaning ‘This is not paleontology – I just use archaeological bones to understand human culture and interactions. Bones or shells are just a vehicle’, Cakirlar explains. ‘For example, I try to understand how farming evolved and how people brought the first domesticated animals to Europe. Why are there huge differences in the way people acquire their food and process it today compared to the past. When did overfishing begin? How and why do people give symbolic meaning to certain animals, such as dogs, pigs, and Jacob shells ? How can we understand all of this and more from prehistoric times, when we don’t have the help of texts?”

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Media contributions