Bad boss? You may be making things better – or worse!

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Bad leaders are not solely to blame for bad outcomes — their followers can make it worse. On the flipside, followers and leaders can buffer undesirable effects on organizational functioning.


Media contributions


Media contributions

  • TitleBad boss? You may be making things better – or worse!
    Media name/outletFrontiers Science News
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    DescriptionDisagreeable, dishonest and careless bosses can mean bad outcomes for organizations and work groups. However, new research highlights that the employees they work with also play a major role in this. Employee anxiety, self-esteem and how leadership behavior is perceived can all affect the leader’s influence on outcomes — and both followers and leaders can buffer against the effects of certain undesirable traits. Published in Frontiers in Psychology as a special article collection on the ‘dark side’ of leadership, the research can help organizations identify potentially problematic leaders or followers to reduce their negative effects.
    Producer/AuthorTania Fitzgeorge-Balfour
    PersonsBarbara Wisse