Don’t worry, BeHapp - How your mobile phone can help science

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Interview with Martien Kas on the use of smartphone technology to provide objective and longitudinal assessments of human social behaviour. This innovative technology will eventually contribute to our understanding of the biology of human behaviour in health and disease.


Media coverage


Media coverage

  • TitleDon’t worry, BeHapp - How your mobile phone can help science
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    Media name/outletUtrecht University News
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    DescriptionA few years ago, neurobiologist Martien Kas sat down with child- and youth psychiatrist Jacob Vorstman to brainstorm about social behaviour. How can you measure social behaviour objectively? They came up with the idea of using mobile telephones with the ultimate goal of understanding how deviant behaviour occurs.
    PersonsMartien Kas, Raj Jagesar, Niels Jongs


  • smartphone application
  • behaviour
  • human
  • social
  • psychiatry