Drone Futures BONUS: Q&A with J.D. Schnepf

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    Media contributions

    • TitleDrone Futures BONUS: Q&A with J.D. Schnepf
      Degree of recognitionInternational
      Media name/outletMedia Futures: The Podcast
      Media typeRadio
      Duration/Length/Size28 min
      DescriptionThis bonus episode features the live Q&A from a talk given at the Media Futures Hub by Dr. J.D. Schnepf, Assistant Professor of American Studies at the University of Groningen in the Netherlands. J.D. is in conversation with Michael Richardson, with questions asked via live chat on YouTube. If you haven't already, check out J.D.'s talk, along with an opening interview, in our previous episode.
      Producer/AuthorMedia Futures Hub at UNSW Sydney
      PersonsJennifer Schnepf