Exploratory project for UMCG learning line Data Science, AI and eHealth launched

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    • TitleExploratory project for UMCG learning line Data Science, AI and eHealth launched
      DescriptionDigitalisation is going to play an increasing role within healthcare, which has a major impact on both patients and healthcare professionals. A large part of digital healthcare applications uses data science and/or artificial intelligence (AI). To enable UMCG staff and students to work well with this in the future, a faculty-wide learning line 'Digital Healthcare' is being explored.
      In the healthcare sector, technical capabilities and the wider availability of large amounts of data have increased significantly. Reliable digital devices are being introduced in rapid succession, with more and more patients owning a wearable, smartwatch or smartphone. The increasing number of treatment options (more personalised care and/or remote), high healthcare costs, high workload and lack of healthcare staff also creates a need for more use of digital applications in healthcare. But, the introduction of these innovative applications in care has an impact on all (care) processes in the hospital, affecting students and healthcare professionals. It is therefore of great importance that every student and (healthcare) professional, who graduates or works in the UMCG, is introduced to data science and AI and can possibly work with it in the future.

      In order to develop an appropriate curriculum, an exploratory project has been launched. Its aim is to make an inventory of existing educational activities in the field of data science, AI and eHealth within all UMCG programmes and their content. Based on a thorough analysis, it will be determined what should be (minimally) covered (in the future) within various study programmes. The project is led by Noha El-Baz, education coordinator at the Department of Epidemiology at UMCG.

      The development of a curriculum like this, besides raising the level of education regarding the use of data-driven healthcare innovations, will also lead to better and more research on efficient use of data science and AI in healthcare. By training students and staff in the use of data-driven applications in healthcare, they can also support their close fellow clinicians who have less experience with these techniques.

      The exploration project runs from 1 December 2022 to 1 September 2023 and is a collaboration between the Department of Epidemiology and UMCG's Data Science Center in Health (DASH).

      Want to know more or have questions? Feel free to contact project leader Noha El-Baz.
      PersonsNoha El-Baz