Fostering innovation in corporate reporting

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    Booklet and Conference on the launch of the European Reporting Lab with contributions from Mark Vaessen, EFRAG board member, Valdis Dombrovskis vice-president European Commission, Jean-Paul Gauzes EFRAG Board president and European Lab Steering Group Chairman, Richard Howitt, CEO International Integrated Reporting Council and former MEP, Nancy Kamp-Roelands chaired the panel how to overcome challenges in corporate reporting consisteing of Bastian Buck, technical director GRI, Claudia Kruse, APG Asset Management, Mardi Mc Brien CDSB and Massimo Roman Generali Group, Alain Deckers European Commission DG FISMA and European Lab SG Vice-Chair chaired the second panel with Olivier Boutellis-Taft, accountancy Europe, Bertrand Janus, Total, Giovanna Michelon, University of Exeter Business Scholl, Sirpa Pietikainen, MEP and Andrew Watchman EFRAG TEG chairman


    Media contributions


    Media contributions


    TitleFostering Innovation in Corporate Reporting
    LocationEuropean Commission, Brussels, Belgium
    Period5-Mar-2019 → 5-Mar-2019


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