If only night wouldn't fall (Als de nacht maar niet valt)

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A unique perspective on three Western countries’ attempts to grapple with anxiety, depression and psychosis. 

What links Norwegian primary school children, a meditation facilitator in a Florida town and a Dutch man struggling to avoid relapse into psychosis? Marc Schmidt’s film follows case studies across three countries in order to explore the diagnosis and treatment of mental illness. The key lies in prevention rather than cure, with practitioners seeking workable solutions to anxiety, depression and psychosis. Through a combination of interviews and the detailing of a variety of experiments, accompanied by a rich and immersive sound design, Schmidt’s cleverly constructed film presents an empathetic portrait of a universal problem, allowing us to reflect on how much we understand what goes on in our minds, and to witness the development of technology and practices aimed at helping us.


Media contributions


Media contributions

  • TitleWorld Premiere: If only night wouldn't fall
    Degree of recognitionInternational
    Media typeOther
    Duration/Length/Size84 minutes
    DescriptionIn three interwoven stories - in The Netherlands, Norway and the USA, we observe different stages of prevention: from children at a primary school that get an ‘early intervention’ to keep away anxiety disorders at a later age, to a young man that tries to avoid a new psychosis. A next level is reached in Florida where a city without friction is built in order make all residents happy.
 As in a disquieting study, the protagonists in this film are being measured and questioned all of the time, for their
    own benefit. But could it be possible that something gets lost in this quest for our optimal selves?

    Martien Kas, project coordinator of the PRISM project contributed to the Dutch component of the film that has now been selected for the international competition at the Sheffiled DocFest. The film has been made by Marc Schmidt.
    Producer/AuthorMarc Schmidt
    PersonsMartien Kas