Interview Follow-up: Where are they now?

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    For the second time we are catching up with previous 'How I got into Cartography'interviewees. They also have been very busy since 'Maps in History' (MiH) spoke to them last. Read the latest from Mario, Thomas and Desiree...


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    Media coverage

    • TitleInterview Follow-Up: Where are they now?
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      Media name/outletMaps in History Newsletter
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      DescriptionDesiree Krikken - MiH 55 - May 2016: The first interview ended in the middle of her writing her thesis in 2016. She handed in the final version of her research Master's thesis titled Fattening England's Soil: the rise of the surveyor and the impact of geometric measuring on spatial perceptions in sixteenth- and seventeenth century England, on 01 July 2016. She graduated in September that year and began to write a PhD proposal immediately after that. The Groningen Research Institute for the Study of Culture (ICOG) committee awarded Desiree a full-time PhD research position with a fixed bursary, and she began her adventure in November, 2016.
      Producer/AuthorNicola Boothby
      PersonsDesiree Krikken


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