TEDx Lecture: Is human hibernation possible

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Is human hibernation possible?

Rob Henning is professor of Pharmacology at the University Medical Center Groningen. After studying medicine at the University of Groningen, he subsequently specialized in anesthesiology at the University of Leiden and obtained a PhD (cum laude) in Pharmacology. His research activities ultimately led him to abandon clinical work and focus on research and teaching. His research focuses on the development of innovative strategies to prevent or counteract cellular damage in cardiovascular and renal disease. To this end, Rob explores organ protective mechanisms in hibernating animals, as they endure repetitive periods of deep cooling and rapid rewarming without organ damage (while this being pretty devastating to human organs).

Rob has patented several of his findings and has been involved in the founding of 3 related start-up companies (all still alive). In addition, Rob has always been actively involved in teaching as tutor, mentor and supervisor. Further, he headed the Medical Bachelors Education, advised the student congress ISCOMS for 15 years, chaired the National Progress Test of Medicine and lead the team that developed the new Medical Curriculum G2020 in Groningen. In his free time, Rob loves speed cycling (at ambient temperatures exceeding 20 0C), keeping up with computerology and attending cultural festivities.


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