The paradox of different house flies with few genetic differences

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UH evolutionary biologist Richard Meisel publishes findings on sex determinates of house flies. Leo Beukeboom at the University of Groningen in the Netherlands and Daniel Bopp at the University of Zurich are also on Meisel’s team.


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Media coverage

  • TitleThe paradox of different house flies with few genetic differences
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    DescriptionIn the steamy, often filthy world of the humble house fly, (the Musca domestica) clear division exists among the males of the species. Though not a civil war, there are differences, to be sure, between males in the north and those that hail from the south. Finding out why those differences appear in the genetic sequences of the northerners and southerners is key to understanding nothing less than sex determination, but there is an essential paradox: The genetic difference is trivial.
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    PersonsLeo Beukeboom