Visual illusions: interview about "filling-in" for Popular Science

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    Skype interview op 22 februari 2018 met 

    Jessica Boddy

    Science writer | New York, New York | (630)-405-3529 | Skype: jessica_boddy

    Fact check op 20 maart 2018 (

    Jake Bittle
    (813) 466-4712

    My name is Jess Boddy and I'm a journalist at Popular Science. I'm working on a story for our print magazine about an optical illusion that has to do with the way our brain "fills in" information. For example, when you stare at the blue dot in the image below, it's eventually enveloped by the surrounding green.

     The story is for our upcoming print magazine for the summer. We will probably produce this for the web eventually, and when we do I'll let you know.


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    Media contributions

    • TitleInterview on Filling-in by Brain
      DescriptionFilling-in, what is it?
      PersonsFrans Cornelissen


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