Accompanying files: Automated device for continuous stirring while sampling in liquid chromatography systems

  • Omer Markovitch (Contributor)
  • Jim Ottelé (Contributor)
  • Obe Veldman (Contributor)
  • Sijbren Otto (Contributor)



3D STL files of the components required for reproducing the stirring device, as well as supplementary files. Full details are available at the full manuscript or from the corresponding author.

Acknowledgements: O.M. is funded through the NWA StartImpuls. This work has been funded by the ERC (AdG 741774), the NWO (Vici grant 724.012.002) and the Dutch Ministry of Education, Culture and Science (Gravitation program 024.001.035). We thank Andreas Hussain for discussions.
Date made available17-Jun-2020

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