Additional file 2: of Limited overlap in significant hits between genome-wide association studies on two airflow obstruction definitions in the same population

  • Diana Plaat ,van der (Contributor)
  • Judith Vonk (Contributor)
  • Lies Lahousse (Contributor)
  • Kim De Jong (Contributor)
  • Alen Faiz (Contributor)
  • Ivana Nedeljkovic (Contributor)
  • Najaf Amin (Contributor)
  • Cleo van Diemen (Contributor)
  • Guy G. Brusselle (Contributor)
  • Yohan Bossé (Contributor)
  • Corry-Anke Brandsma (Contributor)
  • Ke Hao (Contributor)
  • Peter D. Pare (Contributor)
  • Cornelia M. van Duijn (Contributor)
  • Dirkje Postma (Contributor)
  • Hendrika Boezen (Contributor)



GWAS summary statistics. (XLSX 139809 kb)
Date made available7-Mar-2019
PublisherUniversity of Groningen

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