Additional file 4 of Prognostic imaging biomarkers for diabetic kidney disease (iBEAt): study protocol

  • Paola Pontrelli (Contributor)
  • Nicolas Grenier (Contributor)
  • Kanishka Sharma (Contributor)
  • Anna-Maria Dutius Andersson (Contributor)
  • Alberto Garcia-Hernandez (Contributor)
  • Michael Mansfield (Contributor)
  • Irvin Teh (Contributor)
  • Dick de Zeeuw (Contributor)
  • Hiddo Lambers Heerspink (Contributor)
  • Mark Ibberson (Contributor)
  • Massimo Papale (Contributor)
  • Virva Saunavaara (Contributor)
  • Angela C. Shore (Contributor)
  • Niina Koivuviita (Contributor)
  • Steven Sourbron (Contributor)
  • Julie Bailey (Contributor)
  • Dennis Andress (Contributor)
  • Chrysta Lienczewski (Contributor)
  • Rosamonde E. Banks (Contributor)
  • Kaj Metsärinne (Contributor)
  • Peter S. Gilmour (Contributor)
  • Marlena Maziarz (Contributor)
  • Kay Tobin (Contributor)
  • David Shelley (Contributor)
  • Loreto Gesualdo (Contributor)
  • Sapna Puppala (Contributor)
  • Matthias Kretzler (Contributor)
  • Matthew Welberry Smith (Contributor)
  • Kim M. Gooding (Contributor)
  • Pirjo Nuutila (Contributor)
  • Mark Gilchrist (Contributor)
  • Anil Karihaloo (Contributor)
  • Claire Ball (Contributor)
  • Anna Zetterqvist (Contributor)
  • Maria F. Gomez (Contributor)



Additional file 4: 4.0 Biopsy SOP. PDF file. Biopsy and pathology SOPs. Protocol for storing and capturing meta-data regarding the renal biopsy tissue for the iBEAt study. (EXE 543 kb)
Date made available29-Jun-2020
PublisherUniversity of Groningen
  • Prognostic imaging biomarkers for diabetic kidney disease (iBEAt): study protocol

    BEAt-DKD Consortium, Gooding, K. M., Lienczewski, C., Papale, M., Koivuviita, N., Maziarz, M., Dutius Andersson, A-M., Sharma, K., Pontrelli, P., Garcia Hernandez, A., Bailey, J., Tobin, K., Saunavaara, V., Zetterqvist, A., Shelley, D., Teh, I., Ball, C., Puppala, S., Ibberson, M., Karihaloo, A., & 16 othersMetsarinne, K., Banks, R. E., Gilmour, P. S., Mansfield, M., Gilchrist, M., de Zeeuw, D., Heerspink, H. J. L., Nuutila, P., Kretzler, M., Welberry Smith, M., Gesualdo, L., Andress, D., Grenier, N., Shore, A. C., Gomez, M. F. & Sourbron, S., 29-Jun-2020, In: Bmc nephrology. 21, 1, 11 p., 242.

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