Additional file 5: of Exome sequencing in routine diagnostics: a generic test for 254 patients with primary immunodeficiencies

  • Evelien Zonneveld-Huijssoon (Contributor)
  • Badr Alsaleem (Contributor)
  • Marcel van Deuren (Contributor)
  • Chantal H. Kerkhofs (Contributor)
  • Esther P. Hoppenreijs (Contributor)
  • Abdulrahman A. Al-Hussaini (Contributor)
  • Anna Simon (Contributor)
  • Mofareh S. AlZahrani (Contributor)
  • Eman AlIdrissi (Contributor)
  • Alexander Hoischen (Contributor)
  • Tomasz Stokowy (Contributor)
  • Walid Ballourah (Contributor)
  • Arjen R. Mensenkamp (Contributor)
  • Stefanie S.V. Henriet (Contributor)
  • Christian Gilissen (Contributor)
  • Abdulrahman A. Andijani (Contributor)
  • Khurram Lone (Contributor)
  • Gijs T. J. Van Well (Contributor)
  • Jayne Y. Hehir-Kwa (Contributor)
  • Hamza A. AlGhamdi (Contributor)
  • Jaap ten Oever (Contributor)
  • Murad K. Habazi (Contributor)
  • Jukka Moilanen (Contributor)
  • Anja Wagner (Contributor)
  • Elanur Yilmaz (Contributor)
  • Marius A. MacKenzie (Contributor)
  • Koen J. van Aerde (Contributor)
  • Stefan H Lelieveld (Contributor)
  • Frank L. van de Veerdonk (Contributor)
  • Fahad AlManjomi (Contributor)
  • Eissa A. Faqeih (Contributor)
  • Hadeel A. AlJubab (Contributor)
  • Alaa B. Alsaad (Contributor)
  • Chantal P. Bleeker-Rovers (Contributor)
  • Judith Potjewijd (Contributor)
  • Janneke H. M. Schuurs-Hoeijmakers (Contributor)
  • Annet Simons (Contributor)
  • Joris A. Veltman (Contributor)
  • Erica Gerkes (Contributor)
  • Sarah Hortillosa (Contributor)
  • Maartje van de Vorst (Contributor)
  • Wendy A. G. van Zelst-Stams (Contributor)
  • Peer Arts (Contributor)
  • Marcel Nelen (Contributor)
  • Dimitra Zafeiropoulou (Contributor)
  • Maaike Vreeburg (Contributor)
  • Ali Asery (Contributor)
  • Michiel Van der Flier (Contributor)
  • Riikka Keski-Filppula (Contributor)
  • Pieter van Paassen (Contributor)
  • Njood Alenezi (Contributor)
  • Mihai G. Netea (Contributor)



    Table S5. Quality information of the WES technology, with the mean target coverage, and the % of bases with >â 20Ă coverage. (XLSX 22 kb)
    Date made available17-Jun-2019
    PublisherUniversity of Groningen

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