Additional file 5: of The emerging landscape of dynamic DNA methylation in early childhood

  • Isabella Annesi-Maesano (Contributor)
  • Inger Kull (Contributor)
  • Jocelyne Just (Contributor)
  • Nour Baïz (Contributor)
  • Jordi Sunyer (Contributor)
  • Soesma Jankipersadsing (Contributor)
  • Pieter van der Vlies (Contributor)
  • Marc Jan Bonder (Contributor)
  • Gerard Koppelman (Contributor)
  • Mariona Bustamante (Contributor)
  • Josep Maria Antó (Contributor)
  • Cisca Wijmenga (Contributor)
  • Chengjian Xu (Contributor)
  • Jean Bousquet (Contributor)
  • Cleo van Diemen (Contributor)
  • Sasha Zhernakova (Contributor)
  • Ulrike Gehring (Contributor)
  • Yang Li (Contributor)
  • Bianca Rijkom (Contributor)
  • Dirkje Postma (Contributor)
  • Erik Melen (Contributor)
  • Juha Kere (Contributor)
  • Cilla Söderhäll (Contributor)



List of age differential Methylation Quantitative Trait Locus in early childhood (XLSX 336 kb)
Date made available6-Jan-2017
PublisherUniversity of Groningen
Date of data production5-Jan-2017

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