Additional file 9 of Comprehensive characterization of the prostate tumor microenvironment identifies CXCR4/CXCL12 crosstalk as a novel antiangiogenic therapeutic target in prostate cancer

  • Isabel Heidegger (Contributor)
  • Georgios Fotakis (Contributor)
  • Anne Offermann (Contributor)
  • Jermaine Goveia (Contributor)
  • Matthieu Moisse (Contributor)
  • Asma Noureen (Contributor)
  • Christina Plattner (Contributor)
  • Andreas Pircher (Contributor)
  • Hetty Timmer-Bosscha (Contributor)
  • Zlatko Trajanoski (Contributor)
  • Georg Schäfer (Contributor)
  • Annemiek Walenkamp-Hageman (Contributor)
  • Sieghart Sopper (Contributor)
  • Aleksandar Beatovic (Contributor)
  • Dominik Wolf (Contributor)
  • Stefanie Thaler (Contributor)
  • Stefan Salcher (Contributor)
  • Anne Krogsdam (Contributor)
  • Johannes Haybaeck (Contributor)
  • Sven Perner (Contributor)
  • Helmut Klocker (Contributor)
  • Markus A Keller (Contributor)
  • Sophia Daum (Contributor)



Additional file 9: S4. Pathway analysis of bulk and single-cell RNA sequencing: list of pathways differentiating NEC vs TEC as inferred from the GSEA analysis. scRNA-seq_tip cell_pathways: Tip cell-enriched pathways as inferred from the GSEA analysis.
Date made available19-Jun-2022
Publisherfigshare Academic Research System

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