Aggregation under genotoxic conditions in HEK293T and U2OS cells



This dataset consists of 2 independent experiments. The first research aim was to identify the proteins that aggregate in HEK293T cells treated with the chemotherapeutic agent camptothecin (CPT), the second to identify the proteins that aggregate in U2OS cells after a loss of the checkpoint kinase ATM. For the first experiment, cells were treated for 24 hours with vehicle (DMSO) or CPT, left to recover for 48 hours, and harvested. For the second experiment, wild-type and ATM KO cells were grown for 72 hours and harvested. For both experiments, aggregated proteins were isolated by a differential detergent fractionation protocol, which ultimately resulted in a 1% SDS insoluble protein fraction. These proteins were solubilized in 8M urea.
Date made available7-Apr-2022
PublisherUniversity of Groningen
Date of data production2022

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