Appendix D. AIC scores for the generalized linear mixed models of activity density per habitat preference group.

  • C. G. E. (Toos) van Noordwijk (Contributor)
  • Wilco C. E. P. Verberk (Contributor)
  • Hans Turin (Contributor)
  • Theodoor Heijerman (Contributor)
  • Kees Alders (Contributor)
  • Wouter Dekoninck (Contributor)
  • Karsten Hannig (Contributor)
  • Eugenie Regan (Contributor)
  • Stephen McCormack (Contributor)
  • Mark J. F. Brown (Contributor)
  • Eva Remke (Contributor)
  • Henk Siepel (Contributor)
  • Matty Berg (Contributor)
  • Dries Bonte (Contributor)


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