CCDC 1914279: Experimental Crystal Structure Determination

  • Yu Zhang (Contributor)
  • Depeng Zhao (Guangdong Provincial Key Laboratory of Chiral Molecule and Drug Discovery, Sun Yat-sen University) (Contributor)
  • Stefano Crespi (Contributor)
  • Heng Zhao (Contributor)
  • Ben L. Feringa (Contributor)
  • Zhe Chang (Contributor)



Related Article: zhang yu|2019|CSD Communication|||,Related Article: Yu Zhang, Zhe Chang, Heng Zhao, Stefano Crespi, Ben L. Feringa, Depeng Zhao|2020|Cell Press: Chem|6|2420|doi:10.1016/j.chempr.2020.07.025,
Date made available7-May-2019
PublisherCambridge Crystallographic Data Centre

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