Data: Coronary calcium scoring with partial volume correction in anthropomorphic thorax phantom and screening chest CT images

  • Jurica Sprem (Creator)
  • Bob D. de Vos (Creator)
  • Nikolas Lessmann (Creator)
  • Robbert W van Hamersvelt (Creator)
  • Marcel Greuter (Creator)
  • Pim A de Jong (Creator)
  • Tim Leiner (Creator)
  • Max A. Viergever (Creator)
  • Ivana Isgum (Creator)



    Phantom DICOMs
    DICOM images of CEORA and SATI phantom for calcium volume scores acquired using clinical calcium score and partial volume corrected scores.
    Gathered results for calcium volume scores on two phantoms and clinical subjects acquired using clinical calcium score and partial volume corrected scores.

    Two phantoms containing artificial coronary artery calcifications and 293 subject chest CT
    scans were used. The first and second phantom contained nine calcifications and the second phantom contained three artificial arteries with three calcifications of different volumes,
    shapes and densities. The first phantom was scanned five times with and without extension
    rings. The second phantom was scanned three times without and with simulated cardiac
    motion (10 and 30 mm/s). Chest CT scans were acquired without ECG-synchronization
    and reconstructed using sharp and soft kernels. Coronary calcifications were annotated
    employing the clinically used intensity value thresholding (130 HU). Thereafter, a threshold
    separating each calcification from its background was determined using an ExpectationMaximization algorithm. Finally, for each lesion the partial content of calcification in each
    voxel was determined depending on its intensity and the determined threshold.
    Date made available10-Dec-2018
    PublisherUtrecht University
    Geographical coverageThe Netherlands

    Keywords on Datasets

    • Health
    • Radiology and Organ Imaging
    • calcium volume score
    • chest CT
    • NLST
    • Coronary artery calcium score
    • Phantom imaging
    • chest CT study
    • CEORA phantom
    • SATI phantom

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