Data for: The acute effects of cocoa flavanols on temporal and spatial attention

  • Aytac Karabay (Creator)
  • Jefta Saija (Creator)
  • D. Field (Creator)
  • Elkan Akyürek (Creator)



The data package contains the behavioral data, as well as the analysis scripts, belonging to the article "The acute effects of cocoa flavanols on temporal and spatial attention" by Karabay, Saija, Field, & Akyürek.
In this study, we investigated how the acute physiological effects of cocoa flavanols might result in specific cognitive changes, in particular in temporal and spatial attention. To this end, we pre-registered and implemented a randomized, double-blind, placebo- and baseline-controlled crossover design. A sample of 48 university students participated in the study and each of them completed the experimental tasks in four conditions (baseline, placebo, low dose, and high-dose flavanol), administered in separate sessions with a 1-week washout interval. A rapid serial visual presentation task was used to test flavanol effects on temporal attention and integration, and a visual search task was similarly employed to investigate spatial attention. Results indicated that cocoa flavanols improved visual search efficiency, reflected by reduced reaction time. However, cocoa flavanols did not facilitate temporal attention nor integration, suggesting that flavanols may affect some aspects of attention, but not others. Potential underlying mechanisms are discussed.
Date made available16-Feb-2018
PublisherUniversity of Groningen
Geographical coverageEurope

Keywords on Datasets

  • cocoa flavanols
  • rapid serial visual presentation
  • Visual search
  • attention
  • Rich Cocoa
  • Cognitive performance
  • working-memory
  • Flavonoids
  • Chocolate
  • Humans
  • BMI
  • Age
  • Reaction time

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