Data from: Frequency-dependent selection on female morphs driven by pre-mating interactions with males

  • Jessica Bots (Creator)
  • Arne Iserbyt (Creator)
  • Hans Van Gossum (Creator)
  • Martijn Hammers (Creator)
  • Thomas N. Sherratt (Creator)



The data package contains two datasets:
-Data Nehalennia irene
Full dataset for Nehalennia irene. Variables are explained in the text file.

-Data Ischnura elegans
Full dataset for Ischnura elegans. Variables are explained in the text file.

The full data set obtained from the different experiments and field surveys is deposited in the Dryad Digital Repository (http://dx.doi:10.5061/dryad.86b5m [Bots et al. 2015]) and is analyzed by fitting the model proposed by Manly (1973). This model allows one to distinguish between overall preference (based on an intercept) from change in preference with estimated population morph frequencies (based on a gradient); see also Greenwood and Elton (1979).
Date made available19-Jan-2015
PublisherUniversity of Groningen
Geographical coverageCanada, Europe

Keywords on Datasets

  • genetic diversity
  • frequency-dependent selection
  • phenotypic variation
  • polymorphism
  • sexual conflict
  • social interactions
  • Ischnura elegans
  • Nehalennia irene
  • Odonata
  • Recent

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