Data set: Spatial release from informational masking declines with age



The data presented here was collected for the study described in:
Zobel, B. H., Wagner, A., Sanders, L. D., & Başkent, D. (2019). Spatial release from informational masking declines with age: Evidence from a detection task in a virtual separation paradigm. The Journal of the Acoustical Society of America, 146(1), 548–566.
"Twenty-two younger (18-34 years) and 22 older (60-80 years) adults with age-typical hearing completed a yes/no target-detection task with low-pass filtered noise-vocoded speech designed to reduce non-spatial segregation cues and control for hearing loss. Participants detected a target voice among two-talker masking babble while a virtual spatial separation paradigm [Freyman, Helfer, McCall, & Clifton, 1999] was used to isolate informational masking release." (Zobel et al., 2019, abstract)
Grants: National Science Foundation (GRFP/GROW) fellowship to B. H. Zobel: 1451512; Netherlands Organization for Scientific Research/Netherlands Organization for Health Research and Development VICI Grant to D. Başkent: 918-17-603
Software: Matlab, Version: R2015a and E-Prime, Version: 3.0
Date made available21-Aug-2019
PublisherUniversity of Groningen
Temporal coverage27-Mar-2018 - 25-Jun-2018
Date of data production27-Mar-2018 - 25-Jun-2018

Keywords on Datasets

  • Health and Life Sciences
  • Aging
  • Perceptual Masking
  • Sound Localization
  • Hearing Loss

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