Dataset: A functional trait approach to identifying life history patterns in stochastic environments

  • Isabel M. Smallegange (Creator)
  • Matty Berg (Creator)



Matlab scripts are provided to apply an integral projection model in which growth and reproduction were described using dynamic energy budget theory to the litter-feeding, bioturbating terrestrial crustacean Orchestia gammarellus and the reef manta ray Manta alfredi in order to identify which species is the most sensitive to shifts in temporal autocorrelation structure. Empirical data that were used to parameterise the model for O. gammarellus are given as well.
Date made available14-Jul-2019
PublisherUniversity of Groningen
Geographical coverageSchiermonnikoog, The Netherlands, Yaeyama Islands, Japan

Keywords on Datasets

  • Ecology
  • body size
  • ecosystem engineering
  • integral projection model
  • noise colour
  • performance trait
  • salt marsh
  • stochastic demography
  • Talitridae
  • Elasmobranch
  • Orchestia gammarellus
  • demographic variation
  • Manta alfredi

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