Dataset Figure_2: Determination of nuclear Whi5 concentration by widefield fluorescence microscopy is confounded by non-proportional scaling of the nuclear-to-cell volume

  • Athnasios Litsios (Contributor)
  • Pooja Goswami (Contributor)
  • Hanna Terpstra (Contributor)
  • Carleton Coffin (Contributor)
  • Luc-Alban Pierre Eric Vuillemenot (Contributor)
  • Mattia Rovetta (Contributor)
  • Ghada Ghazal (Contributor)
  • Paolo Guerra (Contributor)
  • Katarzyna Buczak (Contributor)
  • Alexander Schmidt (Contributor)
  • Sylvain Tollis (Contributor)
  • Mike Tyers (Contributor)
  • Catherine A. Royer (Contributor)
  • Andreas Milias Argeitis (Contributor)
  • Matthias Heinemann (Contributor)



This dataset contain the data used to determine the nuclear to whole-cell volume for the Nup133-yeGFP strain.
Date made available24-Feb-2022

Keywords on Datasets

  • Budding yeast
  • Saccharomyces cerevisiae
  • cell cycle commitment
  • Whi5
  • Cln3
  • microscopy

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