Dataset: Physical water column characteristics from April to June 2014 in Kongsfjorden (Spitsbergen).

  • Willem van de Poll (Creator)
  • Douwe S. Maat (Creator)
  • Philipp Fischer (Creator)
  • Patrick Rozema (Creator)
  • Oonagh Daly (Creator)
  • Sebastiaan Koppelle (Creator)
  • Ronald Visser (Creator)
  • Anita Buma (Creator)



Data to: van De Poll, Willem H; Maat, Douwe S; Fischer, Philipp; Rozema, Patrick D; Daly, Oonagh B; Koppelle, Sebastiaan; Visser, Ronald J W; Buma, Anita G J (2016): Atlantic Advection Driven Changes in Glacial Meltwater: Effects on Phytoplankton Chlorophyll-a and Taxonomic Composition in Kongsfjorden, Spitsbergen. Frontiers in Marine Science, 3:200,
Date made available2016
PublisherPANGAEA, Data Publisher for Earth & Environmental Science
Temporal coverage11-Apr-2014 - 10-Jun-2014
Geospatial polygonMedian Latitude: 78.953107 * Median Longitude: 11.901067 * South-bound Latitude: 78.905710 * West-bound Longitude: 11.308910 * North-bound Latitude: 79.007960 * East-bound Longitude: 12.375480 21150 datapoints

Keywords on Datasets

  • Glacial meltwater
  • Phytoplankton
  • pigments
  • Climate
  • Atlantic advection
  • Stratification
  • Kongsfjorden

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