Dataset: Syntactic Recursion Facilitates and Working Memory Predicts Recursive Theory of Mind



In this study, we focus on the possible roles of second-order syntactic recursion and working memory in terms of simple and complex span tasks in the development of second-order false belief reasoning. We tested 89 Turkish children in two age groups, one younger (4;6–6;5 years) and one older (6;7–8;10 years).
All children participated in the following four tests in the following order: Word span task, second-order false belief tasks, second-order relative clause task, and listening span task.
Date made available22-Dec-2016
PublisherUniversity of Groningen
Geographical coverageAnkara, Turkey

Keywords on Datasets

  • Working memory
  • Syntax
  • Age groups
  • Children
  • Reasoning
  • Language

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