Dataset: TGF-Beta activation impairs fibroblast ability to support adult lung epithelial progenitor cell organoid formation

  • John-Poul Ng-Blichfeldt (Creator)
  • Tristan de Jong (Creator)
  • Rosa Kortekaas (Creator)
  • Sheila Wu (Creator)
  • Michael Lindner (Creator)
  • Victor Guryev (Creator)
  • Pieter S. Hiemstra (Creator)
  • Jan Stolk (Creator)
  • Melanie Konigshoff (Creator)
  • Reinoud Gosens (Creator)



Complete processed RNA Sequencing dataset containing all raw read counts per sample. Samples were primary human lung fibroblasts obtained from 4 donors, each treated with 1 of 4 conditions (Vehicle, CHIR99021, TGFβ, CHIR99021 + TGFβ) for 24 hours prior to RNA isolation and processing for RNA sequencing (see text for details).
Date made available19-Feb-2019
PublisherUniversity of Groningen

Keywords on Datasets

  • Health
  • TGF-Beta-induced myofibroblasts
  • human lung fibroblast
  • in vitro
  • epithelial repair
  • COPD
  • IPF
  • CHIR99021
  • chronic inflammatory diseases

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