EMPHASIS: Degraded visual and auditory input individually impair audiovisual emotion recognition from speech-like stimuli, but no evidence for an exacerbated effect from combined degradation



The data presented here was collected as part of the EMPHASIS project: behavioral.csv: CSV-file with the behavioural results (response, reaction time) per trial and participant. fixations.csv: CSV-file with the fixation data (location, duration, etc.) for each trial and participant. saccades.csv: CSV-file with the saccade data (location, duration, etc.) for each trial and participant. fixation_distance.csv: CSV-file with the fixation distances to pre-defined AOIs (eyes, nose, mouth, and hands) for each trial and participant. Demographics.csv: CSV-file with the demographic data of the participants (age, gender)
Date made available7-Apr-2020
PublisherUniversity of Groningen

Keywords on Datasets

  • Emotions
  • Audiovisual Integration
  • Eye-tracking

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