Intensity of Victimization



The association between experienced victimization and students' psychological and social adjustment depends on the intensity of victimization. We examined how frequency and multiplicity of victimization, and the number of bullies involved, account for differences in students’ psychosocial well-being and social standing in the classroom. Multilevel analyses were conducted on the control group of an intervention study among students in grades 3–6 of Dutch elementary schools (N = 2859 students from 124 classes and 33 schools; ages 8–12; 49.6% boys).
Data file belonging to article: The Intensity of Victimization: Associations with Children’s Psychosocial Well-Being and Social Standing in the Classroom
Date made available28-Aug-2015
PublisherUniversity of Groningen

Keywords on Datasets

  • Sociology
  • victimization
  • well-being
  • social status
  • mental health
  • schools
  • teachers

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