LOFAR-HBA 3C196 field RM cubes

  • Vibor Jelic (Rucrossed D Signer Bošković Institute) (Contributor)
  • Antonius Bruyn ,de (Contributor)
  • Vishambhar Pandey (Contributor)
  • Maaijke Mevius (Contributor)
  • Haverkorn (Contributor)
  • Brentjens (Contributor)
  • Léon Koopmans (Contributor)
  • Saleem Zaroubi (Contributor)
  • Filipe B. Abdalla (Contributor)
  • Muhammad Asad (Contributor)
  • Sander Bus (Contributor)
  • Emma Chapman (Contributor)
  • Benedetta Ciardi (Contributor)
  • Beth Fernandez (Contributor)
  • Abhik Ghosh (Contributor)
  • Harker (Contributor)
  • Ilian T. Iliev (Contributor)
  • Hannes Jensen (Contributor)
  • Kazemi (Contributor)
  • Garrelt Mellema (Contributor)
  • Offringa (Contributor)
  • Ajinkya Patil (Contributor)
  • Harish Vedantham (Contributor)
  • Yatawatta (Contributor)



VizieR online Data Catalogue associated with article published in journal Astronomy & Astrophysics with title 'Linear polarization structures in LOFAR observations of the interstellar medium in the 3C196 field.' (bibcode: 2015A&A...583A.137J)
Date made available9-Nov-2015
PublisherUniversity of Groningen

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