Mass and F14C values of standard compounds for the blank assessment for n-alkanoic acid methyl ester and lignin phenols

  • Shuwen Sun (Contributor)
  • Vera D. Meyer (Contributor)
  • Andrew M. Dolman (Contributor)
  • Maria Winterfeld (Contributor)
  • Jens Hefter (Contributor)
  • Wolf Dummann (Contributor)
  • Cameron P. McIntyre (Contributor)
  • Daniel B. Montluçon (Contributor)
  • Negar Haghipour (Contributor)
  • Lukas Wacker (Contributor)
  • Torben Gentz (Contributor)
  • Tessa van der Voort (Contributor)
  • Timothy I. Eglinton (Contributor)
  • Gesine Mollenhauer (Contributor)



Coverage: EVENT LABEL: Messel_oil_shale * LATITUDE: 49.915500 * LONGITUDE: 8.757000 * LOCATION: Messel, Germany * METHOD/DEVICE: Outcrop sample
Date made available27-Mar-2020
Geospatial point49.915500, 8.757000Show on map

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