MOESM4 of Genome expansion by allopolyploidization in the fungal strain Coniochaeta 2T2.1 and its exceptional lignocellulolytic machinery

  • Stephen J. Mondo (Contributor)
  • Diego Javier Jiménez (Universidad de los Andes) (Contributor)
  • Ronald E. Hector (Contributor)
  • Anna Lipzen (Contributor)
  • Mi Yan (Contributor)
  • Kurt LaButti (Contributor)
  • Kerrie Barry (Contributor)
  • Jan Dirk van Elsas (Contributor)
  • Igor V. Grigoriev (Contributor)
  • Nancy N. Nichols (Contributor)



Additional file 4: Table S3. Unique CAZymes found in Coniochaeta sp. 2T2.1 after comparison with other Lecythophora/Coniochaeta genomes (NRRL3016, CBS111746, PMI546 and AK0013) and Trichoderma reseei genome (Trire2).
Date made available23-Sept-2019
PublisherUniversity of Groningen

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