Monti Lepini Survey 2006-2008 Hidden Landscapes Project - Monti Lepini surveys



The Monti Lepini 2006-2008 dataset contains data about field observations made during three summer field survey campaigns by the Groningen Institute of Archaeology in the Lepine Mountains in south Lazio (Italy). It is one of two survey databases resulting from the Hidden Landscapes Project directed by Dr. P.M. van Leusen (NWO Free Competition research program in the Humanities, file no. 276-61-002; 2005-2010). To date, two publications have made use of Lepini Survey data, both concentrating on the site data rather than the off-site: Van Leusen 2010 and Feiken 2014. A brief history of GIA research related to the Lepini is provided by Roovers and Van Leusen 2010.

The set contains:
Field observations of point, line and area features, including sites and off-site finds
Finds classes documented as a group, with diagnostic objects documented individually.
Locations of points, lines and areas documented in shapefiles.
Date made available28-Feb-2017
PublisherGroningen Institute of Archaeology
Geographical coverageMonti Lepini, Regione Lazio, Italy

Keywords on Datasets

  • Monti Lepini
  • Latium Vetus
  • field survey
  • Survey methodology
  • landscape archaeology
  • Protohistory
  • Roman period
  • Archaeology

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