The Pathology and Medical Biology department is responsible for patient care for cell and tissue diagnostics, choice of therapy and evaluation of treatment. The pathologists are medical specialists who have themselves focused on and have expertise in one or more subareas that tie in with the field of expertise of the UMCG.

There is a systematic set-up of the pathology care task primarily for health care purposes.
This collection; the Pathology biobank; contains tissue, cells and residual material from patients and related healthcare data from the UMCG EPD. In addition, the data is among other things
exchanged or enriched with national healthcare registrations such as PALGA and IKNL.
In addition to its own UMCG (since 1971 - present) collection, the Biobank Pathology also includes the entire
diagnostic collection of the Scheper hospital in Emmen (1984 to June 2016) as well as the
historical collection of the Wilhelmina hospital in Assen (1984 to 2007).

The current collection and growth of the collection of materials is in accordance with the care and treatment plan of the UCMG and has been in use since 1972 according to the guidelines of the NVVP.

Under specific conditions it is possible to provide material obtained during patient care (partly) for scientific research and or education. This is also referred to as secondary use or further use of material and data.

Biological samples, cryo preserved tissue, paraffin preserved tissue.
Date made available2018
PublisherStichting Palga
Temporal coverage1971
Date of data production1971 - 2018
Geographical coverageThe Netherlands

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  • Pathology
  • tissue samples
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