Replication Data for: Social modulation of oogenesis and egg-laying in Drosophila melanogaster



The dataset contains all the raw data and R-script used to produce the figures in the paper. The Excel document named ‘Raw data.xlsx’ contains the raw data and is composed of one Excel sheet per figure. The three documents ‘deseq2.txt’ contain the three gene expression analysis result of the RNA sequencing (alone vs methoprene, grouped vs methoprene, alone vs grouped). The 'RNAseq_sample_overview.txt' document and the Excel document named ‘Count matrix.xlsx’ respectively include the RNAseq library information and the read count table of the RNA sequencing. includes a total of 20 files (one file per identified gene module) and lists the genes that were assigned to the respective module. Two R-scripts are also provided, one for the RNA sequencing analyses and the other one for all the other raw data of the paper.
Date made available15-May-2023

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