Replication Data for: Towards reporting guidelines of research using whole-body vibration in human subjects– A Delphi consensus study

  • Anika Wüstefeld (Contributor)
  • Anselm Fuermaier (Contributor)
  • Mario Bernardo-Filho (Contributor)
  • Danúbia da Cunha de Sá-Caputo (Contributor)
  • Jörn Rittweger (Contributor)
  • Eckhard Schoenau (Contributor)
  • Christina Sterk (Contributor)
  • Pedro J Marín (Contributor)
  • Adérito Seixas (Contributor)
  • Stefan Judex (Contributor)
  • Redha Taiar (Contributor)
  • Nyakas Csaba (Contributor)
  • Eddy van der Zee (Contributor)
  • Marieke van Heuvelen (Contributor)
  • Oliver Tucha (Contributor)



This dataset is part of the project called “Towards reporting guidelines of research using whole-body vibration in human subjects – A Delphi consensus study”. Whole-body vibration (WBV) utilizes vibrating platforms to expose individuals to mechanical vibration. In order to improve the quality of reporting and increase comparability of studies in this field, reporting guidelines are aimed to be established. To this end the Delphi methodology was employed. The integrated knowledge of WBV experts was collected to distil the specific aspects of WBV methodology that should be included in such guidelines. Over three rounds of completing online questionnaires, the expert panel rated candidate items. All three rounds of this questionnaire can be found in this dataset. On the basis of this study the executive group will establish reporting guidelines.
Date made available29-Jun-2020

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