Replication Data for: Trolls Without Borders

  • Christine Cook (Contributor)
  • Juliette Schaafsma (Contributor)
  • Marjolijn Antheunis (Contributor)
  • Suleman Shahid (Contributor)
  • Jih-Hsuan Lin (Contributor)
  • Hanne Nijtmans (Contributor)



This is the cleaned and anonymized dataset used for analysis, as well as all scripts used for analysis, of the article “Trolls Without Borders”, currently under review. The goal of the present study was to conduct an experiment in which victims from different cultural backgrounds were either flamed or ostracized during the game “Cyberball” and their reactions (emotional, intentional, behavioural) were documented. We were principally interested in how angry and how embarrassed or humiliated participants across these different settings would feel following insults or ostracism by ingroup or outgroup members, and whether they would be motivated to retaliate or would prefer to withdraw or to restore relationships instead.
Date made available15-Oct-2020
Date of data production1-Apr-2018 - 22-Dec-2019

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